Amsterdam, Netherland – Crossway Global looks set to join the fast growing NFT Market by releasing its own ERC-1155 non-fungible tokens and building its mobile gaming ecosystem. As the crypto world fusses over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, another type of digital asset has quietly been gaining traction. Exciting use cases for non‑fungible tokens (NFTs) are cropping up all the time — and they’re even being touted as the future of the gaming industry, the art industry, and even in some cases the real estate business!

The gaming market, especially mobile gaming, has been growing fast over recent years. Games are the most popular mobile app category in iTunes App Stores and Google App Stores. More than 50 percent of the global video game revenue is generated from mobile gaming and are the fastest growing source of income in the video game industry. This massive growth has been made possible with many factors including the rising purchase of smartphones, tablets and gamers as well as the 4G/5G internet connectivity available to most of the global population.

Crossway Global Limited, a mobile game developer looks to engineer the perfect blend of mobile games with blockchain where it is able to create a decentralized distribution network for games, bind assets to players rather than the game, protecting the players’ time and money investment, as well as the ability to grant rewards and voting rights to players during development phases.

Dec 2020 marks the official launch of Crossway’s Crazy Soccer mobile game. Crazy Soccer is a multiplayer soccer PVP penalty shootout game that integrates mobile gaming and the blockchain technology. Players can take on the role of a penalty kicker or goalkeeper. Winners will receive Gold Balls that can be exchanged for USDT. Crazy Soccer is the first in-house game launched by Crossway Global after years of contracted work.

Crossway Global aims to achieve 2.5 million players for Crazy Soccer by end 2021 and lay the foundation for the construction of its mobile gaming ecosystem. During a recent Zoom interview, Crossway Global CEO Mr. Alan Clement announced that Crossway Global is in the midst of launching their own NFTs and the Initial Dapp Offering will most likely starts in the 3rd week of Dec. “The NFTs will be created on the Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-1155 is preferred over ERC-20 or other NFT standard like ERC-721. We believe ERC-1155 includes optimizations that allow for more efficient and safer transactions and it can be used to create both fungible and non-fungible assets on the Ethereum Network which is useful for the Crossway Global Mobile Gaming Ecosystem we are building.” Mr. Clement added.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) growth has been explosive. In the last year, the value locked into DeFi has increased 1500% to $8bn, according to DeFi Pulse. Following closely behind DeFi’s footsteps are the NFT projects which have been on the rise this year, especially recently and Crossway Global looks set to join in the race.

Pieter van hothem

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