Crossway Global is the latest company to implement decentralised governance in the company’s future decision making. Following the announcement, Crossway Global will be conducting their first round of private placement for their ERC-1155 non-fungible tokens, CST, on 21st December 2020.

A quick research into the company webpage indicates Crossway Global Limited was registered in 2016. Its main business covers mobile game design and development work for contracted clients in Europe and it had recently launched the company’s first published game: Crazy Soccer.

The IDO (Initial Dao Offering) has created a lot of buzz inside the Defi community as well as the gaming industry. Crazy Soccer Token (CST) is issued by Crossway Global for their mobile game, Crazy Soccer. CST can be used to enter a defi smart contract with Crossway Global after which, the CST is burned and used to mine Crossway Global Token (CWG) which is in turn used to build a tokenised mobile gaming ecosystem where gamers and interested parties can have a share of the mobile gaming profits as well as being used in DAO participation, both management and voting rights.

Undeniably, the very concept of DAOs is extremely exciting, as it strives to solve everything that’s wrong with how modern-day organisations are run. A perfectly structured DAO gives every investor an opportunity to shape the organization. There’s no hierarchical structure, which means every innovative idea can be put forward by anyone and considered by the entire organization. A set of pre-written rules that every investor is aware of before joining the organization as well as the voting system leave no room for quarrelling whatsoever.

Finally, as every single financial transaction are recorded in the Blockchain, available for review to anyone, DAOs are completely transparent. Everyone taking part helps decide on how to spend the funds and they can track how those funds are spent.

With the funding, Crossway Global looks to complete the development and acquisition of 3 blockchain mobile games (inclusive of Crazy Soccer) for the year 2021, making big inroads towards the global Defi and gaming market.

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